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What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding covers many different aspects and subjects, one definition is the protection of vulnerable adults or children from neglect or abuse.

Antrec safeguarding training - to enquire please call 0333 023 7450Why is Safeguarding important? 

Safeguarding is very important, as it gives us the knowledge to recognise the signs of neglect or abuse of a child or adult. By learning about this topic, it enables you to not only recognise the signs. But also what actions to take when you notice these signs of neglect or abuse. Safeguarding in the workplace is another reason for why awareness is important, as this teaches us how to spot the signs when completing our day to day work tasks.

There are different types of Safeguarding with different levels and aspects

Depending on what industry you work in, you will need a certain requirement of Safeguarding knowledge and skills. An example of this, is a teacher for instance. Teachers that work in schools/colleges will require a certain level of Safeguarding as they will deal with young children & vulnerable adults on a day to day basis and spend a lot of time with individuals and groups.

Why should you learn about Safeguarding?

Learning about Safeguarding makes you aware and enables you to notice the signs of neglect or abuse. As well as teaching you on how to protect vulnerable children & adults.

Source: Child Protection Company

Bespoke Antrec Safeguarding training

Our team of highly trained tutors our on hand to provide you and your staff with effective training and awareness.

You may have a policy and so employees are aware of the topic. But would they know how to put into practice key safeguarding procedures? Antrec can help!

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