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Taxi VRQ Star Of The Week – Training News

Taxi image Taxi VRQ TrainingOur Star of the week has been decided…

This week at Antrec, our Star of the week has come from our Taxi VRQ training course. Campbell Gillspie successfully completed his Taxi VRQ training course at Antrec.

Campbell was chosen for Star of the week by his tutor, for his hard efforts throughout the course, showing that he was determined and confident in wanting to complete the course. Antrec’s Taxi VRQ training course, considers of completing 9 multiple choice exams and 1 practical exam.

Despite the hard week of doing the course and facing the exams, Campbell successfully completed our Taxi training course with just one re sit of an exam. Campbell was not confident when it came to doing exams, as he was worried about not passing the course. Despite all of this, Campbell was able to finish all of his exams successfully, enabling him to go forward with his process of getting his Taxi badge.

The impact that this has on Campbell, is that he has now gained his Taxi VRQ qualification, enabling him to get his Taxi badge which will then get him on the road as a self-employed, grade 1 Taxi driver.

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