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Stars Of The Week – HMRC & Taxi VRQ Training course

HMRC & Taxi VRQ Stars of the week Lauryn, Steven & CliveThis week’s Star of the week has come from our HMRC & Taxi VRQ training course!

Our first Star of the week goes to Lauryn Stanton, who successful completed our HMRC training course. At the start of the course, Lauryn was very quiet in the class. However, throughout the days, Lauryn’s confidence has grown dramatically, producing a very good standard of work with great attitude towards the course & her peers.

Our second & third Star of the week goes to Steven Patterson & Clive Campbell who both come from our Taxi VRQ training course. Both Steven and Clive were chosen for Star of the week for not just successfully completing the course, but for the contribution to the course they put in throughout the week. Steven and Clive both have previous experience within the Taxi industry, and gave relevant examples from their past knowledge to help their peers in the class understand. They both played a big role within the course and brought out a positive atmosphere throughout the class.


We want to wish Lauryn, Steven & Clive all the best for the future and a massive well done!

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