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#StarOfTheWeek – Friday 25th August

Riche Pathareedy - star of the week

Paul Barrow - Star of the week

This week at Antrec we have two star’s of the weeks, one from our call centre course and the other from our Taxi Employability course.

Our first star of the week goes to Riche Pathareedy, who successfully completed our Call Centre course. Riche was previously a bus driver down in London, but after moving up North Riche has found it difficult to gain employment. After coming onto our course, Riche has gained new skills and has put his maximum effort in every session throughout the training course. After completing, Riche was interviewed by one of our employer partners and has successfully gained employment and has even been given a start date.

We want to wish Riche all the best in the future and congratulations on securing employment!

Our second star of the week goes to Paul Barrow who successfully completed our Taxi Employability course. Paul was chosen for his hard work in and out of the classroom, and for his interests whilst on the course. Paul had been on other courses with other training providers in the past and felt his experience with Antrec was far better than on any of his previous courses.

We want to wish Paul all the best in the future and well done on successfully completing our course.

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