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Two Stars of the weeks in Antrec’s Taxi VRQ course!

This weeks Star of the week has been decided…

Star of the weeks Taxi VRQ course

Our Stars of the week this week have both come from our Taxi VRQ course. Our first Star goes to Michael Wright, who come on to our Taxi VRQ course very positive and was very keen to gain his qualification as well as his Taxi badge. Michael successfully passed every exam, constantly progressing & gaining high scores on each exam! We want to wish Michael all the best and well done!

Our second Star goes to Zubair Zafar, who come on the course with great attitude and positivity giving the class a good atmosphere to work in. Zubair worked very hard, which in return led him into successfully completing all of his exams including the practical test. Zubair was one of many to successfully pass this course, however Zubair kept his head held high with great attitude and a positive attitude throughout the course of the week. We want to wish Zubair all the best and well done!

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