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Star of the week – Delta Taxis Call Centre Training course

This week at Antrec, we had a class full of learners who were chosen for Star of the week! These learners all took part in our Call Centre course with our linked employer Delta Taxis.Star of the week call centre training course

Amy Faraday, Faye McGorian, Dawn White, Katie – Alice Dawe, Anthony Rezende & Callum Potts all successfully completed our 5 day Call Centre training course. At Antrec, we provide high quality training for those who are looking not only to get a qualification, but for employability too. From day 1 of the course, all the learners were very determined to gain their qualification as well as to gain their guaranteed interview with our linked employer Delta Taxis who in which they will interview upon successfully completing the course.

Their tutor Berni had no choice but to have all of the learners as Star of the week, as each and everyone of them were hard working, positive, supportive to one another and made a good atmosphere throughout the call centre training course.

We want to wish all the best to everyone who took part in the course and well done!

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