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Our Call Centre Open Day

Delta Taxi's Antrec Call Centre open day

I have been looking for a Call Centre job as I see myself as quite a confident person in this particular area. Luckily for me I saw a post on Antrec’s twitter regarding a Call Centre open day which potentially lead to a guaranteed job interview.

When I called the member of staff from Antrec informed me about what would take place on the open day. I was told I would have to complete paperwork, and an English assessment, as well as listen to a presentation on exactly what I would get up to on the course and learn a bit about the attached employer. I was unsure about the open day at first, as travel is hard for me. The member of staff asked where about I was coming from and of which I told her, she told me not to worry as there was a bus that stops right outside their office where the open day was being held in Bootle.

I wanted to attend and not miss out on this excellent opportunity because I was intrigued and had been unemployed for several months. I asked to be booked on to the Call Centre open day so the staff member from Antrec took a few of my details and signed me up. After the call had ended I received a confirmation confirming all the details of where to go and what time I had to be there, not many training companies do this, so it made me feel less stressed and something to look forward too.

I arrived on the day without any hassle and found their office with ease. I was greeted by all staff and was offered refreshments. They were so helpful guiding me to where I need to be and made me less nervous about the whole Call Centre open day. I was seated in a classroom with many other people while the Caseload Manager spoke about what the day involves and who Antrec are, and exactly what they do. The Caseload Manager introduced us to the attached employer, so they could give an insight into exactly what working for this particular company would mean for my own career. After the presentation we were given a goal setting exercise and paperwork to fill out. I was interested in the job already. It didn’t seem as frightening as I thought.

I was given the opportunity to ask questions to the employer and had a one to one with a representative from the attached employer, in which they asked me a variety of questions. They made it feel like a conversation not an interview, they asked why I wanted to work for the company, why should they employ me and so on. It gave me a chance to shine and sell myself to them. I was brought back into the room and was advised by the Antrec Caseload Manager that they would let me know the course date and invite me back to start training the week after.

I found the whole process of the Call Centre open day extremely useful and informative, it gave off a real professional impression of Antrec as a whole. Antrec ensured it was a laid back day without any stress. They helped build my confidence for interviews and gave me a better understanding of the job role in the short few hours I was there. I enjoyed the day thoroughly and cannot wait to start my training programme. I would recommend anyone looking for a job or looking to improve their skills and maybe gain a qualification to use Antrec. As their motto suggests they do the right thing, for the right person, at the right time.

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