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The Apprentice – Faye

We recently asked Faye, our Business Admin apprentice at Antrec, to write a few lines about how she felt her first couple of months had gone with the company. Here is what she wrote:

Faye a Business Admin Apprentice at AntrecMy name is Faye Wilson, I started my apprenticeship a couple of months ago at Antrec on the 29th January 2018. I decided to pursue an apprenticeship after completing one year of sixth form, I decided I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I wasn’t taking in the information in school, whereas in the couple months I have been at Antrec I have learnt so much by taking the information in and working on my own.

When I first came into my interview at Antrec I was nervous but was welcomed nicely when I came in. I didn’t know much about the company, only what I had seen on the website which told me about the different courses they offer such as Taxi training and CSCS. I had my interview with two people, Stephanie McBride and Dave Milburn who are partners in office managers. Although I was quiet, and a bit shy my confidence has grown over the past couple of months as I am understanding things a lot more. In the interview I tried to be confident and show that I wanted to work for Antrec and that I was interested and wanted to learn more. Dave said, “I answered questions very well and was confident in my interview.”

After a few hours Steph called me to confirm I had the job, I was ecstatic and grateful that they had gave me this opportunity. My first day was quite scary as I had never worked in this type of environment before and there was so much to learn. The weekend before I started I tried to cram a lot of information about the different courses and the company. During my first week I attended a CSCS open day, this was very useful to me because I got to learn all about the CSCS course and the referral process that learners have to go through in order to get onto the course from taking phone calls, to induction sessions and then completing the course. These processes are all very interesting to me, even though I am still learning new things about the courses as they are constantly changing. I also learnt a lot from Olivia and Meghan on reception where they told me so much about the business and the people who come into the office.

Since I have started my apprenticeship I have found out about the different courses that Antrec offer such as Taxi qualifications, Hospitality and CSCS along with IT and many others, I enjoy learning about the new and different things that go on in this business sector and I like working in this customer service role whilst also gaining the qualification at the same time. I hope that in the future my confidence grows a lot more and I can develop in the business admin sector within Antrec.

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