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Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

Poor diet and lack of exercise are recognised as some of the major contributors to ill health. Therefore, having a good understanding of diets, the role of nutrition in exercise and personal moti­vation is an important part of maintaining well-being.

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Information, Advice or Guidance

Offering clear and accurate information, advice or guidance and knowing what can be shared legally and professionally can greatly improve outcomes for a business.

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Lean Organisation Management Techniques

This nationally recognised qualification is designed to provide individuals with an appreciation and understanding of some key principles of lean organisation management.

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Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

Around 450 million people currently experience mental health problems. Increasing the understanding of mental health of staff at all levels builds a culture of care and support.

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Nutrition and Health

Insufficient nutrition can lead to a variety of health-threatening conditions; understanding the benefits of a balanced diet and the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is fundamental.

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Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

With around 1.5 million people working in adult social care in England, care workers need up-to-date support and guidance in order to provide adequate person-centred care.

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Principles of Care Planning

Care workers play a key role in ensuring their residents/patients are treated with a friendly and caring approach. Care workers have the ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds.

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Safeguarding and Prevent

Official data showed that over 7,500 people were referred to the Prevent programme in 2015/16. The purpose of this qualification is to support anyone who is responsible for the safeguarding of people and for helping prevent radicalisation.

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Team Leading

Strong team leadership is essential for providing guidance, direction and instruction within a group and inevitably leads to more effective teamwork and more motivated employees.

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Tenant Support in Social Housing

It’s important that anyone working in this sector has a sound understanding of the range of services provided by social housing, the issues that tenants might face, and how to correctly record and report any problems.

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Working with People with Mental Health Needs

Mental health presents one of the greatest challenges to our society. While many elements of mental health are still not understood, having a good knowledge of the information that is available is essential in the care sector.

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Workplace Violence and Harassment

Understanding about effective communication and ways to reduce conflict in the workplace will help to create a more positive working environment, benefiting both employers and employees, and improving job satisfaction, health and well-being.

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Awareness of Mental Health Problems

While many elements of mental health are still not understood, having a good knowledge of the information that is available is essential in the care sector.

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Behaviour that Challenges

Challenging behaviour is causing increasing concern today. Understanding the causes of challenging behaviour is the first step towards finding ways to support individuals and manage their behaviour.

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Business Administration

There were an estimated 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2016. The need for good business administration has never been greater.

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Business Improvement Techniques

This qualification aims to build knowledge on the study of business improvement techniques, including workplace organisation, building effective teams and managing working relationships.

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Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Mental Health problems affect around 1 in 10 children and young people. These issues include depression, anxiety and conduct disorder and can often be a direct response to occurrences in their lives.

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Creating a Business Start-Up

Over half a million businesses are started every year; however, 30% of these fail within the first two years. Having a better understanding of the initial processes and requirements of a business start-up can increase the chances of your business succeeding.

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Counselling Skills

Many people find it helpful to seek the support of counselling at some point in their lives. People in any situation could benefit from counselling, those with the knowledge and skills can provide them with support to improve personal well-being.

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Customer Service

This qualification provides both an ideal start in the occupation and supports progression within the sector. It is ideal for customer service professionals who deal with customers through one-off or routine contacts.

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Data Protection and Data Security

Data protection compliance is an essential legal requirement for all organisations. Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, it is more vital than ever that anyone who works with personal data understands the laws and acts in compliance.

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Dementia Care

This qualification helps give a understanding of dementia and the person-centred care that is required is fundamental to high-quality care.

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End of Life Care

The problems faced and support needed by people nearing the end of life is wide-ranging and a good understanding of pain management, support and quality of life is essential for all carers.

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