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Mini Antrec Work Experience

This week we had a group of youngsters, we titled ‘Mini Antrec’, come into the office to experience what life is like working within Antrec HQ.

Mini Antrec spent some time with each department, learning new skills, greeting learners and making the perfect cup of tea!

Jessica, Issy and Charlie each kept a blog of the week they spent with us with you can read below:




Today I have learnt how to do a stock check, I have learnt about Antrec and how it started. Today I have learnt house rules, how to meet and greet learners, how to take the register, how to use a photocopier, how to print off from a computer and how to setup a learner to BKSB. I have learnt all about Antrec and completed a quiz. I have also done a stock check and set up a meeting room for tomorrow. I enjoyed doing the photocopying because I found that the most interesting as I used a lot of skills at the same time. The thing I hated the most was taking the register because I am quite shy with people I don’t know that well. The thing that made me laugh was the stock check and preparing for a meeting as I could be myself a bit more, give my own ideas and I got to talk to other members of the staff. I have learnt a lot on my first day and I’m excited for the next two days as it will build my confidence and get me use to an office environment in-case I work in an office when I’m older.


Today I have created a job board, took part in telephone training, filed paperwork, sat with compliance team and learnt about social media and marketing. I have also learnt correct telephone manners, I learnt that you should let a call ring 2-3 times before you answer it and when you pick up the phone you should be polite, formal, happy and clear. You also have to actively listen when someone calls and ask for their name and number, see if the person they want/need to speak to is busy. If yes then you tell the caller if they need a message passing on and if so write the message down and pass it on. If they don’t leave a message then you should get the person they want/need to call back later when they aren’t busy. I have also learnt how to be compliant, file and how the social media/marketing works. The thing that I disliked to most was creating a job board as I didn’t find it as interesting. The thing I enjoyed the most was the telephone training, the filing and compliance as the telephone training helped my confidence and I found it fun to learn about it. The filing was also good because It was organised and amusing. The thing that has made me laugh the most was the telephone training. I can’t wait for Thursday and maybe to be back at Antrec in a couple of weeks to do more challenging work. I have also enjoyed writing this blog!.


Today I have created job board, sorted certificates, put together packs and pink introduction files. Once I have finished writing my blog I will be learning how to add this to the Antrec website. I have learned about different jobs, how certificates are registered and how packs and induction files are made. The thing I have enjoyed the most was the certificates and my blog because the certificates was organised and I’ve enjoyed my blog because I’ve got to reflect on my week. The thing I haven’t liked was creating packs and pink introduction files because I cut my finger. The thing that has made me laugh the most was lunch because we got a McDonald’s and I laughed with the girls, this week has been a good experience for me, it has also kept me busy and built my confidence up because I’ve spoken to people I don’t know and learnt a lot about office work. I have also came closer to the girls and learnt how to make coffee, even though I am extremely tired It has been an amazing time and I would love to do it again.




I had the funnest day ever. I will tell you what I have done today throughout the week.

Today, I have done 1-1 house rules with Nat which was fun, we had to tick boxes and confirm that we understand the house rules. That was at 9.00am till 9.30am.

Next, we had to meet the learner and introduce ourselves, give them sheets to fill out that was 9.30am till 10.00am . We had to sign them into a register and give it to Nat.

After that, we did an Equipment Check with Olivia and we learnt how to work the printer and the photocopier, we had to write down step by step how to print stuff out and copy stuff like passports and sheets that had two sheets that was from 10.30am till 11.30am.

Then, we did Photocopying ASC assessment sheets with Nat and just had to photocopy some training sheets and staple them together and put them into folders that was from 11.30am till 12.00pm.

After we did stock check with Nat, we got allocated three people to see if they needed any equipment I got allocated Nick, Martina and Louise that was at 12.00pm till 12.30pm and we had lunch.

Then, we did ALL ABOUT ANTREC with Nick. So here is what we learnt about Antrec. Antrec stands for Andrew Nicola Training Recruitment and 15 staff work at Antrec and 1 staff is joining Antrec on the 15 August and the ‘star of the week’ is David Butterworth.

After that, we had a meeting with AnnMarie to organise a meeting for the next day. We decided to go with tea and coffee, 2 jugs of water with ice, some croissants and we set up some table in like a rectangle shape.

The thing that I have enjoyed the most is learning all about Antrec that was the most enjoyable thing ever we got to go on the computer.

The thing that I hate the most is nothing and the thing that made me laugh is all the staff and that made my day.


Today, we had to set up a meeting for Highfield and buzz down people that were in the meeting and ask them for a drink and show them to the meeting room. That was 9.00am till 10.00am.

Then, we had to do a job board for Nikki and that was fun. We had to go on the computers to find some jobs like I had to do Administration and that was fun that was 10.00am till 11.00 am.

Next, we did telephone training with Louise, that was the most fun thing ever, we had to do a work sheet then we could do a scenario on the phone pretending to be a person that was wondering if they could speak to the finance office and we could make up our own scenario and pretend the person was wondering if there certificate was ready so that was 11.00am till 12.00pm then we had lunch for a hour.

After that, we did Filling and Compliance and we had to do three things and take it in turn, we the Compliance Log and then we switch and we had to file folders into cabinets and then we switch around again to do some filing into some folders that was fun and that was from 1.00pm till 2.00pm.

Then, we did some scheduling a tweet and learnt what Luke does all day and we wrote our own tweet and learnt about marketing and that was from 2.00pm till 3.00pm.

The thing that I enjoyed the most was doing the Telephone Training because we got to use the phone.

The thing that I hate the most is nothing and the thing that made me laugh is all the staff and that made my day.


Today is my last day so sad but it was really fun….

I have done finishing off the job board instead of doing the certificate but we did the certificate as well. We did the job board with Nikki and we had to search up some jobs that was from 9.00am till 10.00am.

From 10.00am till 11.00am we were scanning certificates through to the computer on a conveyor belt system getting the front sheets ready for learners to sign. This gave me the experience of using the scanner and Martina was a brilliant teacher.

From 11.00am till 12.00am we were creating packs and pink induction files with Nikki. We had to build the packs up ready for the learner course starting on Monday.

We had Kev’s Birthday and Jim’s to celebrate and a group photo as it is our last day at Mini Antrec. I am going to miss it loads but not to worry I am off on holiday in the morning and I have been told that I can come back before I go back to school. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE STAFF AT ANTREC, I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!




Today I have learnt how to do a register and meet and greet. I have also learnt how to Photocopy and equipment train with Issy and Jess we were taught by Olivia, then we had lunch at 12:00 until 1:00. Then me, Issy and Jess learnt about Antrec history aka “All about Antrec”, after we listened to a wonderful story of Nicola we had to do a quiz. Did you know that Antrec stands for Andrew Nicola Training Recruitment we then did a stock check, we had to go round all the staff I had Luke, Olivia and Nat. Basically you go around to the staff and ask what stock they need like: Pens, Post it notes, Files, note pads etc after that we did 1-1 with AnnMarie setting up a meeting because some staff have one tomorrow. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first day and I am fully confident for what the challenges are tomorrow.


Today we have learnt set up a meeting with AnnMarie then we did a job board with Nikki it was quite confusing for me at the start but I started to understand it nearer the end of the day. The funnest part of the day was when we did telephone training with Louise we tested it on each other we learnt how to transfer and put the person on hold, Jess was the person calling and I was the person picking up the call and transferring the calls to Issy. I was on Nikki’s phone Jess was on AnnMarie’s phone and Issy was on Olivia’s phone. Then we had Luke showing what he does and what it all means I have had such I am going to be so sad when my work experience to end anyway lets see what challenges I can tackle on Thursday.


Today I have learnt how to set a BSKB for people on the computers, this is to test what level Maths and English each learner are at before they start the course. I have also been working with my best mate Louise on reception learning more telephone skills. I have also done the research the day before and typed up to show what job they can see that are available.

At lunch we had a delicious McDonald’s. Before that we gave our birthday gifts to Kev and later on we are having a group photo taken as it is my last day at Mini Antrec, I have loved spending time here with all the staff and hope that I can come back soon. THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY SEE YOU ALL SOON. This is my blog I hoped you enjoyed it!















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