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Mini-Antrec at work

On Monday 26th June 2017, 6 students from Stretham House School, based in Crosby, visited Antrec Bootle to complete a couple of days of work experience.

On their first day, all students were given a tour around Antrec’s training centre. They got to meet Nicola Lee, Antrec’s Managing Director of Antrec, and spent time learning about where and when Antrec was created. All students were given a log book, this book would be used to write down certain bits of information that might help them in upcoming tasks or exercises.

Within the first day at Antrec, the students had completed a number of tasks. The students were taught how to answer the telephone to learners who want to book on to Antrec’s courses. Each student would take part in a mock telephone call and learn how to take an enquiry from a learner, making sure key contact details were recorded. After completing that task, they were then introduced to Meghan who is one of our office administrators. Meghan taught the students how to sort learner files into the correct order. To conclude the first day for Mini-Antrec, the students got the chance to interview Lucy who is a member of our Compliance team. Mini-Antrec got the chance to ask Lucy a number of questions, finding out information on what her job role is and how it benefits Antrec in her department.


On day 2 of Mini-Antrec’s visit, the students completed the Antrec quiz. This quiz was to recapped on activities they had completed the day before and also to see if they remembered some of the key information about Antrec. After completing their Antrec quiz, they got to interview another staff member, Annmarie. Annmarie is our Lead Administrator, the students got to ask questions on what it is like on the front desk of Antrec and learnt how it can be very fast paced with lots of calls coming in. After listening to what Annmarie had to say about her role, Mini-Antrec learnt how we prepare for each upcoming course and what things we have to put in place before learners start training. For example, before the taxi course we need to book a WAV vehicle. The WAV is part of an assessment which involves our learners performing tasks such as loading a wheelchair safely onto a taxi, making sure that the customer is safe and secure within the taxi before their journey starts. After booking the WAV assessment, Mini-Antrec then helped book online tests, to successfully complete training learners have to complete online assessments and booking these is an important part of the preparation admin and teaching staff do day to day.

To conclude the day, Mini-Antrec completed a task we like to call the “Antrec Acronym”. Each student came up with a word for each of the letters that make up Antrec. All students completed this task with outstanding results showing how creative our team of Mini-Antrec students were. After completing the Antrec Acronym, all of Mini-Antrec received a certificate for their great attitude over the course of the two days they spent with us. Each student worked hard and applied themselves to each task.


We want to thank all of Mini-Antrec for their time and hard work! Also want to wish them a big well done and good luck for the future.


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