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Michael Hayburn #GoodNewsStory


Michael Hayburn

Start Date:


Company Name:

Delta Taxis

Which training route did the learner take?

1-week Taxi VRQ qualification

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting with Antrec? How did they find out about Antrec? What were they hoping to achieve?

Michael has been in steady employment over the past few years but had always considered becoming a self-employed taxi driver. When looking into the role he had been put off by the Knowledge Test so had never applied or looked into any taxi training programme.

Michael found out about Antrec after an online search, upon enquiring he learnt a little more about the course and the process of obtaining his licence so signed up to start the Taxi VRQ here at Antrec.

What issues did we need to address? What advice & guidance did Antrec provide?

Before joining a course at Antrec each learner has to complete a pre-course BSKB English & Maths assessment. This assesses each learners’ levels, we will provide additional learning support to any learner that requires it. Michael had a little trouble with the English exam so we provided Michael with a pre-start study kit so that he was ready to start on course. Our Caseload team provided information, assistance, guidance and support to Michael so that he could go away and revise to pass the assessment.

What results did we achieve?

Michael gained his Taxi VRQ and BTEC Level 2 successfully. The Antrec team was then able to support and work with Michael to apply for his DBS, book a medical and arrange to attend a local council to obtain his taxi license.

What makes this story special?

Within 2 weeks Michael went from being unemployed to having sustained employment as a self employed taxi driver.

All the provisions and support helped Michael through his BKSB’s allowed him to start the course and also improved his general level of English. Michael was given one on one advice, dedicated his time, worked hard, came in early to appointments, all so he could gain entry onto the course which paid off as soon as he received his taxi license!

Antrec would like to wish him all the best in his future career, well done Michael!

A quote from the learner describing their experience of their journey:

‘When I started the course I thought I would never pass, Kevin (the tutor) was very helpful and done everything he could to help.’

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