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Kathryn the Taxi Driver, from unemployment to becoming my own boss

Taxi Driver image 1Unemployed to a Full time Taxi Driver

Kathryn was a learner who come to Antrec and was determined to get her self back into employability. Kathryn had come to us looking for a way out of being unemployed to being employed. When Kathryn come to Antrec, we assessed her to gather as much information on what level Kathryn was learning at, which meant Kathryn had to do a maths and english exam. This was to make sure that the course Kathryn would soon go on to, was suitable and appropiate for her.

After successfully passing the maths and english exams, Kathryn had the choice of deciding what course she would like to come on to and furthermore complete. After having a hard time deciding what course to go on, Kathryn decided to apply herself on to our Taxi Employability course. This course would run for 6 days, where she will gain grade 1 training, funding for her taxi badge, funding towards DBS Application and Funding for her Medical.

After coming on to the course, Kathryn successfully comepleted all of her exams, which therefore granted her the BTEC Level 2 Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver VRQ qualification. This then meant she was able to get out on the road and officially be a self employed Taxi Driver.

To this day, we have many people who come through Antrec, and get themselves back on the road to being not only in a taxi but also into employability. At Antrec, we aim to get as many people as we can into employmen, and do the right thing for the right person at the right time.

If Kathryn’s story has encouraged you to apply to one of our courses, please do not hesitate to call us to get yourself booked on to our courses!

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