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John Berry #GoodNewsStory


Name: John Berry
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Programme start date: 03/05/16
Programme end date: 13/05/16
Training route: Taxi & SEAT

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting training with Antrec:

John had done a little casual work in the past but had been long term unemployed for over 6 months. He was recommended to Antrec by a previous learner and came onto the course hoping to get the qualifications needed to get a steady job.

What issues/barriers needed to be addressed?
John needed support and help to improve his writing skills.

What information, advice and guidance did Antrec provide?
One to one guidance was given to meet the required standards.

What result did we achieve?
As the course progressed John’s written work improved dramatically.

What makes this story special or interesting?
John was open about the issues/barriers that he had come across. He was committed to the support and went from struggling to construct sentences to producing good quality work.

Learners journey in their own
‘I struggled with writing. I have improved a lot in a short time due to the support from the team at Antrec’

Advisor/Tutor: Steve Millward

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