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John Benson #GoodNewsStory

John Benson - Antrec Adult Social Care Training - Good news storyName:

John Benson

Start Date:

November 2016

Which training route did the learner take?

Adult Social Care Employability

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting with Antrec? How did they find out about Antrec?

John had been unemployed long term whilst caring for his father. After his father passed away John started looking at training opportunities and had an interest in going into a career in care. On one of John’s visit to the Job Centre his advisor mentioned that Antrec ran Adult Social Care training courses and that he should pop into the office to enquire about any upcoming courses.

What issues did we need to address?

Upon starting training with Antrec John felt as though he lacked in confidence. John had felt isolated in recent years and hadn’t taken part in any form of group activities for quite a long time. This made him feel a little anxious before starting the course although these fears were alleviated once the classroom activities started thanks to the support of the tutor, Joan and the Caseload Manager, Nikki.

What advice & guidance did Antrec provide?

Whilst on course Joan covered all the major topics when it came to caring for people with different disabilities. It gave John a rounded experience of what he could expect within that sector. A major positive aspect of the course for John was when local care providers came in to give a talk on the ins and outs of how their company worked, what values they had and what he could expect working for them in the future. As John and the class were going to be interviewing with these employers come the end of the course it helped John decide as to what company was best for him.

A quote from the learner describing their experience of their journey

“On each visit to Antrec all of the staff were friendly and positive. Each member of staff was very welcoming. I gained the impression that each person to walk through the door would be treated the same no matter what their circumstances were.

Nikki the Caseload Manager provided the encouragement and support needed to build up my confidence and make me ready for full time employment. Nikki took away the stress of sorting job interviews and filling in application forms etc.

Joan the Tutor was very understanding in the classroom, Joan got the entire cohort involved with each activity. The class was kept under control and the content of the course was very informative. At no point, did I feel reluctant to answer a question – Joan made it clear that there was no such thing as a stupid question.

All round my experience of Antrec was very very positive.”

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