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Introduction to Universal Credit

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So what is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a form of benefits that can help support you if your income is below a certain amount, weather you are employed or unemployed. This form of benefit will be replacing 6 forms of benefits, such as: House Benefits, Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Working Tax Credit, Income support, Child Tax Credit Support and Employment Support Allowance.

How does Universal Credit work? 

You will get a monthly pay to cover your living costs when you are on Universal Credit, However, you will get extra payments in some circumstances such as: You have children, you need help with house holding costs, you are disabled, you care for someone who is disabled. If you have a partner who is also on Universal Credit, then you will get a one payment that will be for you and your partner. In addition to this, you can also work and be on Universal Credit, however the amount of money you get from Universal Credit when working depends on the amount you get paid from your job.This means the more you are paid from your job, the less amount you can earn from Universal Credit. If you also get help with rent through Universal Credit, then you will have to pay your landlord each month from your Universal Credit payment. 

How Antrec can help

At Antrec, we provide high quality, work ready training for those who are unemployed and also employed. We run courses through different industries such as: Taxis, Call Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Construction, Autism Support & more. Each of our courses have an employer attached and for those who successfully complete training are guaranteed a job interview with the attached employer.

As you can see from what we provide at Antrec, we offer a pathway for all those come to Antrec into the industry they choose to do a course on, this can not only get you a successful job, but also a pathway into earning more money and easing your financial worries.

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