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Hospitality learners go head to head

Antrec Hospitality learnersKaren & Michelle’s Hospitality learners join together for group activity.

On Wednesday 26th April both our Hospitality and Customer Facing Roles cohorts joined together to take part in a quiz/presentation task. In groups learners had to delegate tasks within their groups, deciding who was responsible for each task and deciphering who would present the information to the rest of the class once the task was complete.

All teams had to work together to complete 15 tasks, teams had to answer the question and explain how they had found the answer. Each team was scored by 2 judges from Antrec (Callum & Steph). Each judge was to score the teams by: how they demonstrated teamwork, how detailed each answer was, how well each group presented, how clear explanations to answers were and the overall effort each group had put into the task.

At the end of the activity, the judges had to score each team, the competition was tight as each team was outstanding and put in a lot of hard work, effort and determination to win the task. Every team (including the tutors themselves – Karen & Michelle) were very competitive and aimed to get their teams number 1 on the list. The team that come out as winners were named ‘The Puke Reserves’ – big well done to you and all the other teams.

The purpose of this activity was to get all learners working together and working as a team. When out in the workplace learners will have to work as a team to ensure customer service levels are maintained and set tasks are carried out. Both Karen and Michelle ensure this task is enjoyable and fun for each learner so that they see the positives of working in a team activity.

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