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Good News Story – Victoria Spencer

The views of our learners past and present are important to us here at Antrec. We ask each learner to complete training with us for feedback so that we can refine and constantly improve our service.

On this occasion a learner called Victoria Spencer sat down with us to give us a little insight into her journey with Antrec…


Name: Victoria Spencer

Training Route: Taxi VRQ

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting with Antrec? How did they find out about Antrec? What were they hoping to achieve?

I found out about Antrec through my work coach at the Job Centre. I was looking for driving jobs but felt my confidence was low and I was feeling little bit down in my job search.

What issues did we need to address? What advice & guidance did Antrec provide?

I had previously thought about becoming a taxi/private hire driver, but I found the process a little bit daunting. My old line of work included being a private driver for children with learning difficulties, so I wanted to do something rewarding again.

What results did we achieve?

After a slight wobble, I passed my exams and achieved my Level 2 qualification with the support of Antrec staff.

What makes this story special?

My time with Antrec increased my confidence and opens a lot of possibilities. I have also had a job interview since the course and passed my public vehicle theory test. I also felt it was a good group, we gelled well and had good support from the staff. It was also good to be in a social setting and interacting with people.

A quote from the learner describing their experience of their journey

“When I joined the programme, my confidence wasn’t 100%. But passing the maths, English and car parts assessment, I felt that I could pass but still struggled. The guys support throughout my training raised my confidence and ability in myself. The team are very patient and understanding. A big thank you.”

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