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Good News Story – Thomas Brazier

Antrec CSCS Construction Skills training in MerseysideOur latest good news story is about a learner called Thomas Brazier who recently signed up to one of Antrec’s Construction Skills Course (CSCS) training programmes.

Thomas had a very good work history, however since being out of work for a couple of months this year, his motivation and confidence was low.

After taking part in our CSCS course, Thomas had improved motivation and was determined to find employment upon completion of his learning. Louise, who is one of Antrec’s Caseload Managers, sat down with Thomas giving him extra help and support to create a high standard CV. Due to the support we offer at Antrec, Thomas had an up to date CV and was full of confidence & determination to get himself back into employment. After having daily one to one appointments with our Caseload Manager Louise, Thomas had the courage and determination to put his CV forward to some local companies around the Merseyside area and was, as expected, given the offer to start a new job with an employer based in Kirkby.

Thomas is now set to start working for Counterline Limited in Kirkby, in which he will now be employed and back on the right path. Despite all of the support Antrec has given, Thomas had a few words to say about what we can offer and the experience he had during his time learning with us:

“I enjoyed the course and would do it again. I would recommend other people to do it as well.  At the end of the course, I linked up with Louise and she helped me with my CV and helped me get a job, I’m made up with it and it’s really helped me out.”  

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