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Good News Story – HMRC Stars Of The Week

Good News Story HMRC Stars of the weekOur good news story this week is about 2 learners who have successfully completed the HMRC training course.

Our first star of the week goes to Robert Wilcocks. Robert was chosen for star of the week by his tutor, for his lead role in the group, by offering relevant examples when taking part in group discussions. Throughout the training course, Robert was able to help his peers where he could offer advice and guidance. Despite giving extra support to his peers where he could, Robert done a very good job when he had to undergo a mock interview, to prepare himself for his job interview.

Our second star of the week for our good news story, goes to Sarah O’Brien. Sarah was chosen for star of the week for her growth in confidence as the week progressed, but for her attitude towards the course. Sarah not only successfully passed the course, but she was able to make the most of the opportunities that was presented whilst at Antrec.

The impact that Antrec’s training programme has had on Robert & Sarah, is that they are now fully prepared for their interviews at HMRC and have progressed as individuals to have a better chance of gaining employment.

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