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Foday Fadika-Fadika #GoodNewsStory

Foday - Taxi VRQ - Antrec Good News StoryOur latest good news story is Foday Fadika-Fadika. He recently completed our Taxi VRQ training course and is now waiting to get his badge and setup as a self-employed private hire taxi driver.

At first Foday came out at Level Entry 2 so did not qualify to start on one of our work ready training courses. After completing some revision using the resources provided by the team at Antrec Foday was put forward to complete a written assessment to further assess his basic literacy skills. The teaching team reviewed Foday’s work and agreed to put him on the 5 day Taxi VRQ training course. Foday worked hard to get himself ready and up to the level needed to start training, this dedication showed us how much he really wanted it and made the decision to allow him to start training with us a lot easier.

When it came to Foday’s first day of training he was struggling to understand our tutor Kev and it looked like he was going to really struggle on course, we put options in place for Foday to either pull out of the course, review the situation or provide extra support.

Foday stuck it out and really engaged himself within learning and adapted himself to be able to understand the content of the course. He worked hard to achieve his Taxi VRQ qualification and pass each of his assessments.

After passing the qualification Foday was very pleased that he was able to pass and gave the Antrec team some glowing feedback. He commented how the Front Desk, Caseload and Teaching team were very knowledgeable and it really helped that we knew what we were talking about. He really enjoyed his time doing the course and stated he wouldn’t hesitate about contacting us if he needed further help in the future.

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