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FEATURED COURSE: Prevention and Control of Infection

We are promoting one featured course per week to showcase the wide variety of elearning programmes we can offer FREE* of charge. This week why not sign up to our Level 2 Prevention & Control of Infection course!

Prevention and Control of Infection Antrec elearning

As we prepare to return to work prevention and infection control are two key aspects of how we will manage the current Covid-19 pandemic. Further your personal and professional development by learning about the meaning of infection control, causes of infections and methods of how we can prevent and control the spread.

Prevention and Control of Infections is designed for those looking to gain an understanding about the prevention and control of infection within healthcare settings.

Gain a deeper understanding of good personal hygiene and how to maintain a clean environment. Learn at a pace which suits you over a 6 week period.

What you will learn

  • Understand the purpose and principles of infection control and the procedures
  • Understand how regulations inform policy and practice
  • Understand roles, responsibilities, principles and processes in relation to cleaning, decontamination and waste management
  • Understand the role of risk assessments
  • Learn the importance of maintaining a clean environment
  • Learn the sterilisation process
  • Learn how to safely handle laundry
  • Learn how to safely handle sharps

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*For those aged 19 plus, receiving benefits, employed or self employed.

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