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Growing your business

Antrec Limited specialise in growing your business through delivery of work specific training.

Recruiting new employees who are already trained in the skills needed for your business means, you can be confident that they are the right people for the job to help with the process of growing your business. Antrec Limited work alongside the employer to create training courses which are based on your requirements. We provide candidates with the specific skills and training individuals need to be successful in your business.

The training and development courses that are delivered are designed to provide employers with the correct candidate for each job. As well as providing work specific training, we also help customers with:

  • Confidence building
  • Functional skills in Maths & English
  • Interview preparation

By providing such a detailed employee training and development training course we can ensure that candidates are fully trained and ready to work for you. This results in your staff retention becoming higher, saving you money on possible future recruitment costs and growing your business.

Sector specific training courses

We run sector specific courses in:

  • Taxi Driver Training
  • Adult Health & Social Care Training
  • Call Centre Training
  • Hospitality Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • SEAT Award (Service Enterprise Awareness Training)

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