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Eileen Fanning #GoodNewsStory

Eileen good news story graphicName:

Eileen Fanning

Start Date:


Which training route did the learner take?

Taxi Driver Training

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting with Antrec? How did they find out about Antrec? What were they hoping to achieve?

Eileen was unemployed and wanted to get back into work through becoming self-employed. Her friend recommended that she come visit us at Antrec to enquire about the taxi driver training course with the view of becoming a self-employed taxi driver for Delta Taxis.

What issues did we need to address? What advice & guidance did Antrec provide?

The extra support and pre-start information received from each member of the Caseload team was second to none. Before starting the course Eileen felt as if she had already been given all the appropriate information to hit the ground running once training started.

What results did we achieve?

Eileen is now a fully qualified private hire taxi driver holding a Knowsley license having successfully passed the BTEC and VRQ qualification through the Antrec two-week employability programme. Through the extra support given by Antrec in applying for her DBS, organising her medical and attending Knowsley Council for her assessment to gain her badge Eileen is hoping to be on the road within two weeks of finishing the course. This will enable her to gain vital experience before the busy Christmas holidays.

What makes this story special?

Eileen thought that at her age she wouldn’t be able to get on a course to gain new skills such as the private hire driving qualification. Through enquiring through Antrec she was given the confidence and support to feel that she could!

A quote from the learner describing their experience of their journey

‘Loved the friendly positive attitude of the company and liked that there was no woman/man segregation, everyone was made to feel comfortable.’

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