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Craig Grindle #GoodNewsStory

Craig Grindle Antrec Good News StoryName:

Craig Grindle

Start Date:


Company Name:

Autism Initiatives

Which training route did the leaner take?

Adult Social Care

What was the learner’s situation prior to starting with Antrec? How did they find out about Antrec? What were they hoping to achieve?

Craig found out about the Antrec adult social care course through an advisor in his local Job Centre Plus, he wanted to gain more qualifications so that he could obtain full time employment. Craig also wanted to work in an industry which provided a greater job satisfaction which is why he was looking at a career in adult social care.

What issues did we need to address? What advice & guidance did Antrec provide?

The only issues Craig had when starting the course was that he felt he did not know enough about the sector. After a few days on course these reservations were put to bed as the training provided all the information that was required about Autism Initiatives itself, and the industry as a whole.

What results did we achieve?

After the training course Craig attended the guaranteed interview and was offered full time employment with a company he really wanted to work for.

What makes this story special?

Craig had worked within retail for the past 10 years, after suffering an injury to his back and spending time off work he realised that he was doing a job he had lost passion for. He decided that he needed a change. As Craig had trouble communicating and being understood in his youth he now hopes to be able to provide the support he needed to others. Ultimately Craig wants to come home from work after each shift and feel satisfied with the job he has done.

A quote from the learner describing their experience of their journey:

‘Insightful course with great tutors!’

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