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Safeguarding training

Safeguarding within the workplace is becoming ever more important.

Antrec's safeguarding training - for enquiries call 0333 023 7450It is imperative that your employees undertake safeguarding training to ensure they have the confidence, skills and knowledge to deal with any potential safeguarding issues that may arise.

Our team of highly trained tutors our on hand to provide you and your staff with effective safeguarding training and awareness.

Antrec’s gold standard SEAT award encompasses all the required topics to give your staff an overview on how they can safeguard themselves and individuals they may come into contact with.

Amongst many organisations it is common practice now that employees undertake safeguarding training. You may have a safeguarding policy and so employees are aware of the topic but would they know how to put into practice key safeguarding procedures? Antrec can help!

Call us on 0333 023 7450 to enquire about our safeguarding training programmes.

Safeguarding is embedded into all of our employability programmes (e.g. Taxi, CSCS, Hotel Housekeeping, Call Centre and Hospitality). Our skilled teaching and learning team have developed comprehensive safeguarding training programmes for a variety of industries and have many years experience delivering such training.

Our bespoke safeguarding training or SEAT Award training programme will help your staff:

  • Explore key issues facing us in today’s world
  • A look at how those issues will impact our working life
  • Gives staff the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves and individuals
  • Be able to tackle safeguarding issues with confidence

Click on one of the below topics to see how we can support your staff with additional safeguarding and awareness training:

Child Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness

An Awareness of Safeguarding Adults

Awareness of the Prevent Concept

An Awareness of the Contemporary Issues in your Sector

An Introduction to Mental Ill Health

Learning Disability Awareness

Autism Spectrum Condition Awareness

Sensory Loss & Impairment Awareness

Customer Services

Moving and Handling Awareness

Safe Transportation and Handling of Specimens Awareness

An Awareness of Health and Safety in the Workplace

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