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We offer several work specific training courses, all of which you can find listed below:

Antrec Taxi training courses for the unemployedTaxi / Private Hire courses

Our taxi training courses provide learners with the Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver VRQ qualification. We assist you in getting your badge and work closely with partners such as DELTA Taxis to get you on the road and working as soon as possible.

Call 0333 023 7373 for further details.

Antrec Taxi VRQ training coursesTaxi VRQ courses

Our Taxi VRQ training course can also be offered on a funded basis if employed or self-employed, all we require is a non-refundable booking fee. Only those who are not currently receiving benefits, not employed or self-employed would be ineligible and have to pay £250 to cover training costs.

Call 0333 023 7373 for further details.

CSCS courses

Antrec can offer you a routeway into the construction industry through CSCS: Construction Skills programme – training includes your Level 1 Health & Safety qualification, CSCS card and registration at no extra cost.

Call 0333 023 7450 for further details.

Antrec Call Centre training coursesCall Centre courses

We run Call Centre Conference days, we invite learners to our offices and you get a chance to learn more about the training we can offer. You also get a chance to meet your prospective employer through an informal interview. If you are successful you are offered a place on course, after a weeks training here at Antrec you are guaranteed a formal interview with the employer.

Call 0333 023 7450 for further details.

Antrec Adult Social Care training coursesSocial Care courses

Antrec can offer you a route-way into a career in Adult Social Care through our work ready training. Our Adult Social Care courses see us work closely with over 30 local care providers. This training course is open to those unemployed in receipt of benefits.

Call 0333 023 7450 for further details.

Antrec Hospitality training coursesHospitality courses

Our course provides you with the knowledge and capabilities to thrive within the Hospitality sector. At Antrec we have devised an informative, specialist and tailor made Hospitality training course to provide our learners with a good base of knowledge.

Call 0333 023 7450 for further details.

Antrec Customer Service training coursesCustomer Service courses

If you are unemployed and in receipt of benefits or class as a low earner we can offer you a place on one of our fully funded Customer Service training courses. We team up with employers across Merseyside and the North West to help you achieve your goal of finding full or part time work.

Call 0333 023 7450 for further details.

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Our full service taxi driver training is delivered at our Bootle training centre. Training is fully funded (subject to eligibility). We help toward badge, DBS & medical costs, have an onsite Accountant to help get you set up as self employed, and provide in house medicals.

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