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Carl and his journey from unemployment to a full time job

Carl Call Centre learnerOur news item today focuses on Carl who was a previous learner at Antrec who completed our call centre course.

Carl had come to us through the job centre in search of a job to get him out of unemployment and to get himself a full time job. As all learners do at Antrec, Carl had to complete his BKSB Maths & English to ensure us what level he is working at with his Maths and English.

Carl successfully passed his Maths and English assessment, allowing him to come on to our course. As like every course, we like to have an employer attatched to our courses, and fortunately our linked employer with our call centre course is Santander. This would mean that for every learner who successfully completes our course, then they will be guaranteed an interview with Santander which could mean a potential job outcome if the interview goes well.

After 10 days on the course, Carl successfully passed the call centre course which guaranteed his job interview with Santander. After sitting his interview, Carl successfully completed the interview and got himself a job working at Santander.

Carl has been working at Santander for a couple of weeks and is loving it! This story does not only show how well Carl has achieved, but that anyone can work hard and get themselves a full time job after being unemployed for some time. If this story has encouraged you in anyway, then please CALL 0333 023 7450 and maybe you can be the next person to have a full time job!


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