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Why can Antrec’s training courses benefit you?

Why can Antrec’s training courses benefit you?

CSCS & Taxi training courseHave you ever thought about applying for a training course?

Most of us don’t think about courses or how beneficial courses can be. Whether that is online or in class, all courses have a purpose and an effect on you. This blog is about our courses we have running currently at Antrec and about how our courses in the past have benefited our learners so much since coming to Antrec.

Our most popular course in Antrec is our Taxi VRQ training course. At Antrec, we have learners who are applying for this course every week. This course has a huge benefit to all our learners who are looking to become a self-employed Taxi driver. How? Our Taxi VRQ training course is a course that offers our learners the chance to gain their VRQ qualification which is what enables the learners to get their Taxi badge. The Taxi badge is what allows you to be on the road as a self-employed taxi driver, enabling you to become a qualified Taxi driver. This course is available for those who are employed & unemployed, enabling you to get on the road and earning cash.

Another popular course at Antrec is our Construction Routeway training course. This course is for those who are interested in gaining their CSCS Labourers Card. Our CSCS course, has become a very popular course due to the amount of benefits you can get from completing the course and what opportunities are available to you after completing this course at Antrec. An example for what opportunities you get when completing our CSCS course, is that we have linked employer partners such as Galiford Try & Building Careers who can offer you employment opportunities in the construction industry.

At Antrec, we offer multiple courses whether you are employed or unemployed. We aim to do the right thing, for the right person at the right time…

If you are interested in applying for one of our courses, please call 0333 023 7450.