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The history of the taxi industry

The history of the taxi industry

Taxi Image 1Lets look into the taxi business and how far it has come…

The history of taxis has come an unbelievably long way, going from horse carriages and big wagons to a car that can get you from A to B within minutes. The taxi industry has been around for some time, and has benefited us in many ways. How does it benefit us? Well think about the time you go out for a night out with friends, and you call a taxi for a quick way to get home, or even in an emergency, if you don’t drive, you can always call a taxi and get to where you want to go within minutes.

Another feature that has advanced throughout the years of the taxi industry, is calling the taxi to your location. When the taxi industry first came into action, you would have to shout at the top of your voice to get the drivers attention, and most of the time you would be missed. However, as the years have went on and the taxi industry has developed, customers have been able to arrange a location for where they would like to be picked up, through dialling a number on there home telephone or mobile. This has saved so much time and effort becoming very convenient for commuters, but it has also provided jobs and employment for so many, the bigger taxi providers now require hundreds of call centre staff to service their customers. And also require bigger fleets in order to make sure waiting times are at a minimum, as most taxi drivers are self employed, drivers are left with the choice of working for the companies they are assured work from. The advances in technology have led to jobs being offered to the taxi drivers within the closest proximity of the job on offer again reducing the time customers wait for there taxi. Technologies such as mobile apps, text messages, call back service have all made the booking of a taxi a lot easier and information you receive very useful.

This blog highlights just how far the taxi industry has been improved throughout the years, and how it has provided work for a lot of people. At Antrec we deliver both taxi driver and call centre training to fuel the taxi industry as a whole. Working with Delta Taxis Merseyside we have created strong relationships with local authorities and pride ourselves in providing up to date information and guidance on applying for your taxi badge.

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