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Office Administration Team Blog

Office Administration Team Blog

Office Administration Team AntrecThe office administration team includes: Sarah, Louise, Olivia & Meghan.

This administration team make up the face of Antrec, they take initial enquiries over the telephone and from those that pop into the office. They offer help to everyone to walk through our door looking for work specific training programmes, this team gives potential learners all the details they need about each training course we offer (Taxi, Adult Social Care, Call Centre, Hospitality, Retail & Customer Service).

Over 100 potential learners visit Antrec HQ each week, the office administration team make sure that every single person is welcomed into Antrec. We want to make people feel very comfortable and relaxed. We find this environment allows learners to thrive hence why we have received so much excellent feedback over the years.

Sarah, a member of our front desk team, fields learner enquiries in and makes sure potential learners are eligible for the course they are applying for. When a learner comes into Antrec, Sarah or one of our front desk team will take proof of our learner’s identity, and book them in to complete our BKSB Maths & English assessment and a safeguarding assessment. Each learner has to complete this assessment before they can be signed up to a course, we need to make sure learners are working to a particular level in order to give them a chance of successfully completing the qualification. For those learners that are not eligible for the course we have a host of partner organisations who we refer onto that may be able to offer further help and support. For those that cannot successfully pass the initial assessment we offer a place on one of our functional skills programmes which will help give learners the extra support they need to gain a place onto one of our employer led training programmes.

Meghan, is one of our office administration team members, who has a passion for taking care of new learners, her job is to make sure that they are comfortable and feel welcomed when visiting us. Meghan is also responsible for helping setup for open days and events that we run on a weekly basis.

Olivia is a member of the front desk, taking responsibility of learners that come in by managing our BKSB assessment, this involves setting learners up on their assessments, helping them with pre-start paperwork and giving them any additional information that they require about courses. Olivia also occasionally assists any learners that may be diagnosed with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, this involves dedicating her time with specific learners to help/assist filling out paperwork or coursework and helping with reading out assessments etc.

Our lead Office Administrator is Louise, Louise is responsible for all the planning and allocation of certain tasks that the admin team need to undertake. Our office administrators and the operations team ensure that everyone receives the same high level customer service which Antrec is well known for. Louise is responsible for handling and managing payments received from learners, Louise also works alongside Olivia to ensure that all equipment and stationary within Antrec is full and up to date. Louise general day to day tasks includes managing calls and making files (for learners) all whilst making sure high level customer service levels are maintained.