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Michelle Dunn Tutor Blog

Michelle Dunn Tutor Blog

Michelle Dunn TutorMichelle joined the Antrec teaching team in February 2017, Michelle is responsible and takes the lead on literacy and numeracy development within the Tutor team. Through the Functional Skills training programme, we help learners upgrade their literacy skills as well as build confidence and gain access to further training.

Michelle has over 16 years’ worth of experience within the adult training world and really invests her time into making sure each learner improves their skills when spending time in her classroom.

Michelle engages with the learners, making each person feel comfortable and welcome whilst on programme. She will always listen to those who want to speak or have a point to make, also giving help to those that seek advice or support.

After spending some time in the classroom with Michelle it is clear to see that the learners enjoy their time, engaging with her and each other, showing real commitment and teamwork whilst on course.

Each tutor within Antrec works hard planning and thinking of innovative ways to teach and deliver our grade 1 curriculum. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer sound, solid advice and support. Tutors constantly look to support learners in gaining employment at the end of each training programme. As well as helping learners achieve qualifications we build on skills needed for interview and other key skills needed to prepare for either full or part time employment.

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