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Exploring a career within Housekeeping with Antrec & WGC

Exploring a career within Housekeeping with Antrec & WGC

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I was searching for a housekeeping job on the Internet, as it was something I was interested in pursuing as a career. However I wasn’t too sure if I my CV would fit the requirements as I hadn’t completed any training or didn’t have any experience within the hotel housekeeping industry.

I came across a training company called ‘Antrec’ due to a housekeeping poster they had posted over social media. I browsed through Antrec’s social media accounts to find out what they did. I found out that they provide various different housekeeping training programme across the UK.

I called Antrec to apply for the Liverpool based WGC Housekeeping-training course, the staff member I spoke to was really helpful. They had to ask me a series of questions in order to book me on their course. Once I was booked onto the course they immediately sent me a text confirmation of the date, time and place of the induction session.

I turned up on the day of the course at the Antrec Liverpool office based on Tabley Street in the Liverpool city centre. I was welcomed by every staff member, which made me feel comfortable and stress free. The tutor, Claire, guided me to the classroom and discussed the different topics we would be discussing throughout the training programme. Claire asked me about previous jobs I had to see if I had any experience within the housekeeping industry or any transferable skills.

I was informed that after completing the course, providing I was successful, I was a guaranteed a trial shift and job interview with WGC. There were a variety of potential job opportunities in roles such as Linen Porter, Room Attendant and Housekeeping Supervisor.

I was called back the week after my course by Antrec to inform me of the date of my trial shift at a local hotel. Antrec as a company had been so helpful to find me a job suited for me. I knew I was going to start my job with the knowledge and confidence that Antrec helped me gain.

I appreciate Antrec for the help they provided and how they supported me to build up my confidence as I found myself as a shy person. Antrec’s staff members are so upright, kind and caring; they are almost like a family.


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