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Creating The Perfect CV

Creating The Perfect CV

When it comes to making a CV, you want it to stand out and make it sell you for what you are capable of & what skills you have that will benefit employers and why they should employ you.

So… Where do we begin?

Let’s start by putting the correct information on your CV. When creating your CV, you want to put the right information in as this is probably the most essential element when creating your very own CV. Firstly, you want to make sure you have the right contact information, this can be email, telephone number, mobile number & address. These are key elements to include in your CV as this is what employers will need when they want to contact you to tell you that your employed!

Okay, so we have our contact information on our CV, so what’s next? Our next tip is putting a brief short paragraph about yourself which is also known as a “Personal Profile”. This will involve information about yourself and about your interests etc. This personal profile needs to be short but snappy, for example, you do not want a big personal profile as this will make employers lose interest and not want to read further down your CV.

Our third part to making the perfect CV, is putting all your experience within the working industry. Before you start putting this all into a list, you want to make sure you start with the most recent experience and end with your very first part of experience within the working industry. Within each experience, you want to make sure you make it brief and easy to understand for what you have done throughout each experience. An example of this could me:

Kitchen Porter 2015 – 2017 – Fat Italian Restaurant

Worked as a kitchen porter within the Fat Italian, this involved cleaning dirty dishes and sorting out plates and trays into the correct areas of the kitchen.

As you can see in this example, it is only 2 lines long, with a brief and clear explanation of what the job experience consisted of. This not only makes more room for more information to be added on your CV, but it allows the employer to be bombarded with tonnes of information about a job.

Right we are halfway there! So, what’s next for the perfect CV?… Your education and qualifications!

This is probably the second most important part of your CV, as it shows the employers what qualifications you have and what level you are working at. In this part of your CV, you want to make a list of where you attended your educational years and what qualifications you achieved. Within this part of your CV, you want to make sure you involve your Maths & English especially as these are key qualifications needed for your employer.

*Tip – Make sure you show off every qualification you have! *

What’s next now? Your hobbies & interests!

So, in this part of your CV,

you want to keep this short, brief, simple & appropriate. The reasons for being short, brief & most of all appropriate, is this will inform your employer what your main interests are and what type of person you are (On paper!). So, this again is another key element of your CV that you want to make sure is appropriate and brief.

Now finally, we have your references! These are very important within a CV, as this is your back up from other employers giving other employers key skills that you have and what you are capable of within the work industry. In your CV, you want to have at the most 2 references, as more than 2 can be too long and can give the employer the impression that your references are not true.