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Compliance Team Blog

Compliance Team Blog

Compliance Team Blog PictureCompliance team blog

Antrec’s Compliance team is made up of Compliance Manager Cormac Lee and Compliance Officers Lucy Gavin, Martina McShane and Toni Crook.

When learners contact Antrec and gain access onto one of the several work specific training programmes, they will first need to fill out forms to assess and gain access to the government funding which makes the courses funded for each learner. Antrecs funded training programmes are available to those aged 19+ and currently unemployed.

The paperwork and forms that each learner fills in are checked and a Compliance Officer is assigned to go through and make sure that there is no missing information or mistakes. This is crucial part of the process for Antrec as this can affect the funding that each learner is entitled to, but it also proves that the learners are unemployed and are looking for training and support. As well as quality checking each form that is filled in by each of the learners that partake in training with Antrec, the Compliance team keep Antrecs records up to date, making sure that all data is up to date as well as managing the learner’s certificates.

The Compliance team are known as the gate keepers to Antrecs funding, as they have to constantly make sure that the funding is being claimed in order to continue providing the training that is currently offered. Antrec boast a first-time submission rate of over 95% which shows that the information that is sent off by the Compliance team is quality checked and successfully inputted to each one of our prime providers. This is down to the professionalism and hard work of the team as a whole.