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Callum’s Apprenticeship Blog

Callum’s Apprenticeship Blog

Callum Apprenticeship Blog

My name is Callum Jones I started my apprenticeship at Antrec on March 23rd 2017, here is a blog on my apprenticeship experience.

I first thought about exploring the apprenticeship routeway whilst I was on my first work experience whilst at school. I was working with a web company which gave me the opportunity to spend time with each of the departments they had within the business. I got to spend time within the: web design department, testing department, back end development department and front end department. This weeks’ worth of work experience gave me a taste of what life was like in the working world and I enjoyed it. This is the moment when I decided that I wanted to complete an apprenticeship rather than pursue the traditional further education routeways such as sixth form college and university. Upon finishing school, I had my mind set on applying for an apprenticeship with the web company I had spent time on work experience with. Unfortunately, I was let down by the web development company so I started to look at alternative ways of learning whilst practising a job with the digital world.

After being let down for an apprenticeship I went back to the drawing board and started researching exactly which apprenticeship I wanted to go for, and how I would go about applying for one. Despite going to sixth form, I was still researching more and more on apprenticeships by applying for different vacancies which I was interested in. I made the decision to sign up with an apprenticeship provider to help me find the right apprenticeship. This apprenticeship provider gave me great support and guidance into how to get an apprenticeship, and gave me the correct advice on how to increase my chances of getting an apprenticeship. I was given a couple of opportunities to get an apprenticeship but none of the vacancies were suitable for me. This made my confidence level drop dramatically, I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

A few months into my second year of sixth form I was contacted by an apprenticeship provider informing me that I had an interview with a company called Antrec. I was interviewed by 2 staff members of Antrec, Luke Slater who is a Marketing Executive and Danielle Kershaw who is the Operations manager. This interview was an opportunity and chance for me to enrol on a Level 3 Digital and Social Media Apprenticeship, which is what I was exactly looking for. Whilst in the interview, I was honest, and showed to Luke and Danielle that I was interested in this opportunity and that I would be more than happy to take this opportunity to work for Antrec. Straight after the interview, I left feeling good and confident again, as Luke and Danielle explained to me the benefits of getting an apprenticeship but also working as an apprentice.

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A few weeks after being interviewed by Luke and Danielle, I received an email telling me that I officially been offered the apprenticeship, and that my starting date was April 1st. This was one of the best emails I ever received as I felt that all my hard work of researching and trying to get an apprenticeship had paid off.  After knowing that my starting date was getting closer and closer, I was sent an email from Luke, asking if I wanted to move my start date earlier which Luke agreed to and the new date was set at March 23rd. I instantly took this chance, and agreed to start earlier at Antrec.

On my first day with Antrec I was involved in the Sefton BIG Choices event which was sponsored by Antrec. My duties for the day included taking a lot of photos which would be used to circulate between all other organisations that attended but also for Antrec’s social media channels and website. After doing this event, I knew that Antrec was the right place for me and that apprenticeships were the right pathway to take.

Since starting the apprenticeship, I have found out that Antrec themselves offer apprenticeships to people who want to have careers in industries/professions such as: Business Admin, Customer Service and Adult Social Care which is an amazing opportunity for those who want to do an apprenticeship within these departments. I highly recommend Antrec for those who are looking for an apprenticeship within these departments and can guarantee that they will give you as much support and guidance as is possible.

For more information on starting an apprenticeship with Antrec call 0333 023 7450 or visit