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Kevin Roberts Tutor Blog

Kevin Roberts Tutor Blog

Kevin Roberts Kev is an experienced tutor with over 15 years’ worth of experience, he currently teaches both the taxi driver and call centre courses whilst also taking the lead on developing curriculum.

Kev holds a Master’s in Education, and delivers grade 1 training to every one of the learners that passes through his classroom. As Lead Tutor, Kev works hard to update our course delivery to make sure we are in line with current Ofsted regulations and guidelines.

Kev currently holds a taxi license which adds to his knowledge when delivering the taxi driver training course, teaching the course Kev draws on real experience and can teach certain modules based on his real-life experience. If anyone has a question about the taxi industry there is nobody better to ask than Kev!

Kev is always up for listening to those who want to talk and ask for support, but through teaching and the environment created in the classroom, he wants to ensure that those who come into Antrec, come out with a positive mindset to get where they want to be in the future e.g. getting employed within the taxi industry.

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