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Antrec’s First Aid training comes into use!

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Our Good News Story this week is about a learner who recently completed our Taxi VRQ 5 day training course and our Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at WorkFirst Aid course.

Tariq Khan, was travelling on the motorway, when a member of the public asked for his help at a service station as someone had unfortunately suffered from a stroke.

Tariq rushed to the scene and attempted to help the gentleman who had suffered the medical emergency. Many people tried to help the casualty, however Tariq used the skills he had learnt on 2 day First Aid training programme to perform CPR on the gentleman. Moments later, defibrillators were introduced to the scene; Tariq took control of the situation and was able to use the defibrillators, remembering the techniques he had been shown on his first aid course. Soon after an air ambulance arrived at the scene and transported the gentleman out to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, because Tariq had attended both our Taxi VRQ and Emergency First Aid training programmes, he was able to help the man who had suffered the stroke, remaining calm, taking full control of the situation and using the defibrillators correctly.

This particular news item proves that everyone should have a base level of knowledge when it comes to first aid. We want to say a very well done to Tariq for his actions, we are very proud he put the skills learnt at Antrec to good use and we are thankful that he was able to help this gentleman.

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