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Anthony Dennis – Good News Story

Anthony Dennis good news story image 1Our recent Good News Story involves a learner who has recently obtained their badge after successfully passing our Taxi employability course, despite having some problems due to his dyslexia.

Anthony was a learner who come to Antrec to start his journey into getting into the taxi industry. Due to his dyslexia, Anthony struggled within the course. However, this did not stop him from giving his best efforts at all tests and all of the work he was to do within the course. Anthony had to re sit only one of his tests, which he successfully passed which then led Anthony into getting his qualification that was required for him to obtain his badge. This was a great achievement for Anthony, as this allowed him to officially have his very own taxi badge, but it enabled him to be part of the taxi industry.

This good news story is to show that anyone can achieve anything they want, whether they have dyslexia or anything that may make their life difficult. Anthony has not only aquired his badge, but has got him employed with being a taxi driver. In addition to Anthony’s great story, Antrec are always willing to help & support those who may need the extra help when it comes to having some sort of difficulty.

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